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Dayton Suboxone Therapy - Frequent Questions and Answers

Is Suboxone Itself An Addictive Drug?

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In the wrong hands, any opioid based medication can become addictive or abused. So the short answer is yes!

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Suboxone Dosage - What If I Miss A Dose

in Suboxone Tapering

After being on Suboxone for a period of time, it is not unusual to lose track of your dosing. For one thing, you forget because you're feeling better. It may be a sign that you're ready to taper your dosages.

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Are There SIDE EFFECTS Associated With Suboxone

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All medications come with side effects. Suboxone is no different. Neither are the medications you're trying to come off of!

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RISK - Are There Risks of Suboxone Use?

in Suboxone Risks

All medications also have risks. The primary risks of Suboxone are related to your liver if you have hepatitis, and to your unborn child if you are female and become pregnant while in treatment.

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