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It is estimated that patients taking medication for opioid dependence or substance abuse have a 25% rate of retention, and along with addiction counseling, one’s chances of success increase to 80%.  Therefore, drug counseling plays a vital role and is an integral part of the process of regaining a sober life.

Cravings for opioids can occur months, even years, after your last use. The intensity of cravings put any individual trying to kick a habit at risk for relapse.  That’s one reason why counseling is a paramount part of the treatment. Addiction counseling can help you recognize events, triggers or social situations that associated with your past drug abuse.

The likelihood of overcoming addiction is significantly increased when treatment includes medication (such as Suboxone) combined with drug counseling. Opiate dependence is not just a physical condition – emotions, behaviors and even surrounding settings are all part of the addiction. This is where counseling can help. Addiction counseling provides support to make changes in your lifestyle and behavior and keep you focused on your addiction recovery.

  • To aid in your success, a Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor (LICDC) identifies triggers and coping mechanisms.

  • Services provided include education and individual and group counseling sessions.

  • Counseling is included with each doctor’s visit.

  • Patients may attend additional counseling sessions at no cost.

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